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Arctic Funders Logo

Arctic funders Collaborative logo

The Challenge

During my time at pipikwan, I was tasked with creating a new logo for Arctic Funder’s Collaborative that allowed them to tell a story about the incredible landscapes of the Arctic.

My challenge was to make a logo that was all-encompassing of the Arctic and needed a storytelling piece to go along with it.

The Solution

I ended up creating a modern and simple logo with a bit of abstractness to it. The logo features a reflection of the sunset under the main text. My inspiration for this came from looking at images of the Arctic and all the incredible sunsets that would reflect across the water.

This felt suitable as it wasn’t specific to a certain region of the Arctic and rather was a piece that occurred across all Arctic regions and would allow the Arctic Funder’s Collaborative to have a wide representation with this logo.

The Deliverables

  • Logo design
  • Brand Guidelines
arctic funders pull up banner with an image of the ocean in the background

Branding Guidelines

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