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Finding success in the music industry can be difficult, but one thing that separates entry-level producers from those that are well established in the industry is how well they market themselves. How you present yourself to your audience matters, as this can ultimately help you grow a loyal fanbase simply from your listeners connecting with your brand. Having a clear idea of what your brand looks/feels like and a plan in place to maintain your brand’s integrity, is an effective way of ensuring that your fanbase will keep growing alongside your music.

What Is A Brand?

Branding is the process of creating a marketable identity for your music, that your listener can connect with before hearing anything. Some of the best Producers have a brand and it’s an easy and effective way to show record label’s that you take your music career seriously.

A brand is how you want your audience to view you. This can be built around your logo and its meaning, a specific set of colours you always use, or even the things you wear while performing. This means you want to make sure that your audience can have something to remember you by after hearing you for the very first time. Being in control of your brand means staying true to the things you value as an artist.

Why Is Branding Important?

You might be wondering if branding is really important. After all, if your music is good enough, people will eventually hear it and you’ll be on the radio in no time. While that may be true for the lucky few, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. 

Some examples of good branding are REZZ, Skrillex, and even JAUZ. Think about each of these artists for a moment. Each of them has very recognizable elements that have solidified their brands.

  • REZZ has hypnotic circle glasses,
  • Skrillex has the iconic 3-line logo that resembles his name,
  • JAUZ, well he uses sharks and similar thematic elements from the film JAWS and has built his brand around the film.

For a producer, making people want to listen to your music should be your first priority. As there’s so much music out there that sometimes a listener might not even listen long enough to connect with your music. A strong and consistent brand shows people who you are in a way that will draw them in and make them want to listen.

How Do You Build A Brand?

Creating a brand based on your artistic identity is the main ingredient in being successful with the creation of your brand. This means that you should be creating a brand that fits you and using it as a metaphorical ‘road map’ to stay consistent with everything you create.

For musicians and producers, branding can have many different aspects. This can include your logo, similar design elements that you use throughout your music videos or album covers, or how your merch looks. Keeping things consistent with your brand identity ensures that when people start listening to your music, everything that comes with it feels like it belongs. It also helps ensure that people are able to quickly recognize you, whenever they’re browsing their release radar, or even if you popped up in a playlist they were listening to. Your brand makes sure they’ll remember you.


In summary, having a brand can take your music career to the next phase. It shows labels, agents, managers, and even your audience that you take your craft seriously and are a professional in the music scene. Being consistent with your brand can ultimately have great rewards and even help you grow a loyal fanbase. Taking the time to establish your brand can help you stand out in the industry and ensure that you’re able to capture the attention of anyone who might come across your music organically.

How Can I Help?

I offer services such as logo design, branding, album cover design, motion design for music videos,  and even web design in order to help my clients stand out. With a degree in Visual Communications and 2 years of experience working with a range of clients, I aim to help you take your music career to the next level and stand out in the music industry.

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