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Métis National Council

Métis National Council

The Challenge

During my time working at pipikwan I was involved in working with the Métis National Council. Métis National Council was seeking to rebrand and create a new logo, look and feel, and templates for their brand. Following Cassidy’s appointment as president of the MNC, they aimed to develop a brand that better represented all Métis nations in Canada in a modern manner.

During their discussions, the company expressed their desire for their new branding to be applicable across all Métis regions in Canada, symbolizing the unification of two peoples from different eras. The company aimed to create a modern, forward-facing, and unified logo that resonated with younger generations and reflected their connection to their Métis heritage.

To achieve this objective, the company sought a single, authoritative voice. The government recognized the voice of four Métis nations, but Cassidy was committed to providing a seat at the table for all Métis. The company aimed to come together at a national level while maintaining independence and demonstrating a strong and powerful national identity and international presence.

The Solution

As part of my role, I was tasked with developing a distinctive logo and brand identity that would resonate with all Métis individuals, including those without Métis citizenship, and those who do not typically see themselves reflected in branding.

Throughout my creative process, I integrated a unique beaded design element into all collateral materials, presenting the story of Métis in a contemporary manner. The design of the infinity logo was inspired by the Métis flag, serving as a representation of Métis culture. Additionally, I incorporated beaded map line elements, symbolizing the progress and destination that Métis individuals could look forward to under Cassidy’s leadership

Métis National Council Branding
Métis National Council Branding

The Deliverables

  • Stylescapes showcasing what the brand could look like
  • Logo design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Mockups for Banners, Hats, and Tote Bags
Métis National Council Branding
Métis National Council Branding
Métis National Council Branding
Métis National Council Branding

Branding Guidelines

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